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connecting digital storytellers to the blockchain



why blockchain?


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Join Us In building A New Arts Community

We are building a new type of community with a different way of doing things.

How? By practically taking all our real world experiences and practices and implementing ideas that will result in the introduction of a new wave of NFT projects and collections alike. This is not a copy paste project, we have researched and analysed dozens of roadmaps, watched projects rise, thrive and fail. 


What sets us apart and why you should join this project;

  • Our 5 years of producing regular events and live-streaming them across the world

  • Our experience and commitment to do the hard, day after day work, until we achieve our goals

  • Our team, experience, out of the box thinking, history of long term success, commitment and demonstration of short term executions

  • A collective 80+ years of design, creative storytelling, business operations, financial understanding, commercial knowhow and idea generation. Wrapped into 5 core individuals.

These are the four pillars and how we will do it:


To make a real difference, we need scale. By examining some of the most successful NFT collections to date we've identified a common trend of delayed community expansion. Many of these initial collections and communities realised they needed a larger ecosystem and thus introduced real life benefits by creating more utility based access to their community. 


Trends are remarkable to watch. We decided to learn from all the trends and split out and expand our utility over time, while making that utility more accessible than ever to NFT collectors, creators, supporters and our general community.


From the beginning, we wanted to make our community accessible to a broad and diverse group of creators, collectors and supporters. We need to balance our ability to raise funds, pat artists a fair commission and execute our mission while also setting a price that allows many people from all walks of life to participate. Our pricing of the Genesis Membership Token and the Genesis Collection will therefore be priced to make it inexpensive to mint and own, as well as easy to access all the utilities that come with ownership.


The project's Decentralise Autonomous Organisation (DAO) or foundation will quickly become a key focused the most important element for the project. Any project aspiring to be a long term success needs a tax and legal foundation. They need to understand their obligations and set up the project with the ultimate goal of protecting the community, by protecting the collection. We will continue to be as transparent as possible with our legal and tax structures, giving confidence to you (the community) that we're on top of it. Let's face it, regulation is coming to crypto and the NFT space, and we as a project need to be prepared for these changes. Any lack of preparation will be the reason a lot of projects will fail in 2022 and beyond. We are planning not do fail.


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