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Arboretum Carpet

Below are two soundscapes. The first a demo binaural (3D) soundscape of native sounds from Pilot Hill. The second, "Nature Machine" communicates the idea of a perfectly engineered natural world. The proposal for this piece is to produce a soundscape that combines these two concepts in binaural (3D). Binaural means that the optimum way to listen to it is via headphones or ear pods. The soundscape will feature sounds of the Pilot Hill host landscape woven into the concept of the utopian "Nature Machine". 


Listeners will be encouraged to close their eyes whilst listening and allow the binaural panning to recreate the reality of space. Binaural audio is the type of audio used in VR, and it “tricks” your ears into hearing different distances, so you may feel like a fly is buzzing into your ear, but also that there is a bird rustling in the branches just two meters away. Listeners can still use a normal stereo speaker but the binaural panning will not be noticeable unless headphones or earbuds are worn.

Please listen to both of the below soundscapes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 6.44.28 pm.png

Division of Eden-Monaro Merry-Go-Round

Below is the demo soundscape. The final sound design piece will be 15 minutes duration. Imagine each animal and speaker as if they were instruments in a musical arrangement - sometimes the instrument will be soft, sometimes loud, sometimes silent and sometimes they will all play together while other times one will be a soloist. 

Six to nine individual speakers will be placed in different positions on the Merry-Go-Round. Each of these speakers will play what is referred to as a different “stem” from the soundscape. The centre speaker will be omnidirectional and play the underlying calliope music, whilst the speakers around it will be unidirectional and play different animal sounds. This arrangement could be likened to a reverse surround sound (5.1 or 7.1 used in home theatres). The rotation will have an added effect of movement, and for someone standing still, the various sounds from each speaker will become louder and softer as the speakers move closer and further away.

Bjorn Godwin - Phone 0433 554600 - 21 Shepherd St Chippendale 2008

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